EA Community Building

My current professional focus is founding a longtermist hub in the Berlin area: a hotel-sized subsidized co-living space for longtermists, with a focus on keeping ideas flowing between us and other groups via visiting scholars, events, and an exchange program. You can find more info on that here, and an "expression of interest" form here.

Additionally, I'm currently planning a secular summer solstice celebration for the UK EA community. More info to come.


I offer life coaching specifically tailored to the needs of ambitious and altruistic individuals: e.g. for activists, social entrepreneurs, and effective altruists. Feel invited to visit my coaching page for more info.

Circling for members of the effective altruism and rationalist community

In 2021, I facilitated regular online sessions in circling, a form of relational meditation, for individuals from the EA and rationalist community. Feel free to mail me a brief expression of interest and I can add you to the WhatsApp group that still organizes less regular sessions.


You can find writeups of some things I think about on LessWrong.